($PAY) Solutions & features

Solutions and features of PayBolt

PayBolt payment system offers several key benefits with the power of cryptocurrency:

For Merchants: PayBolt Payment Gateway is a seamless integration that gives online/offline eCommerce or brick & mortar merchants the power to accept digital currencies and get all the benefits you can’t with just traditional payment methods.

For Customers: PayBolt allows merchant customers to make payments seamlessly, securely, and affordably. By seizing the PayBolt Payment Experience, PayBolt is the first crypto payment gateway that rewards merchants when customers pay with $PAY every time they shop!

PayBolt Second-to-none Features

0.5% Merchants Discount Rate: PayBolt offers an extraordinary 0.5% MDR fee to accept payments from across the world, instantly. Which left no room for comparison with any other payment systems.

Rewarding Mechanism: Rewards are always given to victors and PayBolters are always the elite. Not only do you pay with PayBolt but you also get rewarded for paying with $Pay. Both the merchants and customers who are using PayBolt are rewarded for using the $Pay token.

Zero Downtime: PayBolt aims at resolving pain points and giving merchants more autonomy with their payment systems. By using cryptocurrency, payments are sent to you almost instantly for much less than what traditional payments solutions cost.

Security: On top of this, using cryptocurrency is much more secure than using traditional payment systems because all the information is encrypted on the blockchain. This means, no chargebacks or fraud cases would ever come up using PayBolt.

Instant Processing & Settlements: Settlements are also instantaneous, once the funds are received, there are also options to either keep funds in fiat or cryptocurrency. The benefit of holding in a cryptocurrency, as PayBolt, is that it may appreciate more than holding your local currency, or you can even hold a ‘stable coin’ such as USDT which basically holds the USD value if you think that it will appreciate more than your local currency.

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