e-Commerce Plugins

WooCommerce, Opencart, Magneto, Shopify, e-Commerce plugins
PayBolt plugins makes it super easy and simple for existing e-Commerce business owners to start accepting crypto today. They just need to download and install the PayBolt plugin which will only take minutes.
PayBolt / e-Commerce plugins integration:
PayBolt has been integrated into WooCommerce and Opencart plugins so far and more eCommerce integrations such as; magneto, Shopify, and any other on-demand plugin.
With PayBolt payment method through e-commerce plugins, merchants can process instant, borderless commerce payments for only pennies and escape Rip-off deals using other traditional payment systems with high MDR%.
Use cases:
● PayBolt offers a solution for the e-commerce integrated websites such as (Woocommerce Plugin) to accept payment for products, merchandise, goods, and services securely and affordably with Web3 and second-to-none digital solutions.
● Increase revenue by tapping into a new consumer base with the $PAY agnostic chain token with a high adoption rate globally.
● Eliminate chargebacks and fraudulent transactions.