PayBolt Marketplace, shop, online store
PayBolt Marketplace: Merchants who are not using an integrated eCommerce website or in need of promoting their store products online and increasing their revenue can use PayBolt Marketplace as a venue and conduit to encapsulate all customers’ passion, curiosity, and interest to catch on your business through our current B2B and B2C Marketplace which by time will be also serving C2C deals.
● PayBolt Marketplace would allow partner merchants, without an online presence, an easy avenue to setup their digital shop with crypto payment powered by PayBolt from the get-go.
● PayBolt Marketplace offers non-integrated web store owners a solution to promote and market their products online through the PayBolt marketplace venue.
● PayBolt Marketplace will expand the presence and marketing of already present merchants online.
● Introducing and educating merchant customers on crypto payments.
● Provide a crypto-centric marketplace where items can be bought easily with cryptocurrencies.