Merchant Gateway

Merchant Gateway, dashboard, portal
Merchant Gateway, ecosystem portal or as commonly called business dashboard is a service that authorizes merchants to collect their funds, preview transactions, process and settle payments, and manage their business by collating PayBolt-on-chain-crypto payments received through the merchant wallet, eCommerce plugins, marketplace, and POS online and offline.
PayBolt offers merchants various solutions with online/offline integrations that can be used to invoice customers whether using an eCommerce-integrated-online store or only a website and also with your physical store through POS mode or even offline payment links.
PayBolt onboarded merchants will have the access to the merchant ecosystem portal which will manage all processes related to customer-merchant deals including but not limited to sending and requesting crypto, accepting, processing, and settling payments. In addition to the gateway function of (POS) mode which allows merchants to collect their funds simply with QR codes.
Use cases:
● PayBolt merchant portal will be over merchant private and secure control to accept the payment, process, and settle the payment.
● Convert funds to fiat money or stable coins if needed.
● Keep the money accepted in the form of $Pay for further appreciation anticipated and gain from investments profits.
● Processing and settling the Pay-outs into cash.