For Resellers

PayBolt resellers are partners that introduce new businesses to accept crypto payments via PayBolt.

When a reseller introduces a business to PayBolt, they will share in the revenue generated from transaction fees for as long as the business remains with PayBolt!

  • 20% of all revenue generated from the transaction fees of that business will be shared with the reseller.

Resellers contribute a great deal to help grow the web3 crypto payment ecosystem, while earning passive income.

Registration and verification

Visit and sign-up as a reseller with your email address and Password besides filling the requested basic information and company location

Next, upload a copy of your identification and company registration documents and once done you have to take a look at the privacy policy and thoroughly read the Resellers referral agreement which clarifies all terms and conditions for resellers including the rewards they are receiving.

Final step of the registration process is signing your autograph on the white box to confirm your acceptance of the agreement. After that, please click the "sign" button below the white box to upload your signature so you can receive a signed copy of the agreement in your email once done.

Clicking "Sign Up" you will receive an email with the verification code that you have to enter.

If you don't see the email in your inbox, please check

1) you signed up with your correct email credentials.

2) check the spam folder in your email and mark it as non spam.

3) If previous steps haven't worked click on "Resend code" and hopefully the code will be sent.

If you happen to receive no email at all, kindly contact with your inquiry.

Now you can "Sign in" easily with your email address and password to be logged into your reseller dashboard.

Reseller's Dashboard

This is now the reseller's private zone that they can manage their workspace at and check their activities, referral methods, kits and definitely rewards.

First tap on your dashboard, you can find the personal information you signed up with and this information can't be modified. If you wish to update your personal information, you will need to send an email to to ask for that.

On the invitation tap, three options can be found to invite merchants and businesses with and hence proceed successful partnerships. As elaborated, invitation could be conducted through a special invitation link that you can share everywhere on social platforms, through emails that you can input and through the special QR Code of the reseller.

All means will direct businesses to sign-up with PayBolt as merchants using the special code of the reseller which will make the reseller eligible for PayBolt rewards.

Rewards section includes two taps where you can check the rewards and settlements acquired, and by toggling between the taps you will be able to know what is still pending and what has been already settled according to the time of the transaction and the settlement period.

Resources is actually the reseller's special package that can facilitate steps towards successful partnerships and collaborations with merchants and businesses. At first, Reseller's kit which contains the reseller's QR code and can be shared with businesses contacted to be able to join PayBolt through the reseller's credentials.

Reseller's terms, can give the reseller a preview of eligibility measures and rewards' calculation mechanism and form in addition to the settlement time.

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